Five Great Reasons Why Kids Should Ride Horses

In today’s day and age, horses are some of the best tools to create healthy and well-adjusted children. When I was young, my mother to me and my siblings horse racing. I was a shy youngster with braces, while my two sisters were extremely confident. I found horses to be the great equalizer. They helped me and my sisters, but especially me, circumnavigate that difficult passage from being a girl to becoming a woman. Below I am going to explain how horses benefit youngsters.


They Are Great for Improving Bonds

Horses are the best antidote for today’s digital insanity. Children are attracted to horses, which makes them a great alternative to watching TV, playing video games, and browsing through social media. Horseback riding is an activity that will get your children off the couch and into nature – it can be enjoyed by yourself or as a group. When the whole family is involved, the time spent with the horses can improve bonds between family members.

They Are Great Exercise

The American Heart Foundation states that one in three American children are overweight or obese. Since 1971, childhood obesity has tripled in the United States. People often say that the horse does all the work, but anyone who has ever ridden a horse knows that this is not the case. The British Horse Society carried out a study back in 2011 that showed that horse riding, if done three times a week at 30 minutes a time, falls within the category of moderate intensity exercise.

Apart from the aerobic benefits, horse riding helps to develop coordination, balance, and flexibility. To add to this, the activities that are involved in looking after a horse (grooming, lifting equipment, and cleaning stalls) are all great for building muscles.

They Help to Boost Mental Health

Nowadays, kids have a lot of pressure on their shoulders. There is stress to keep up with social media, schoolwork and the like which can lead to a strain on their mental resources. Horses can provide children with a welcome respite from the stresses of life, providing the friendship of a living creature plus acting as some type of stabilizing presence in the child’s life. As a matter of fact, Washington State University research has shown that children who work alongside horses have lower levels of stress hormones. Furthermore, a horse can be a great confidence booster for children in all different aspects of life. Controlling a horse or a pony requires skills that will promote self-assurance and give a sense of competence.


It Helps to Build Character

Children are surrounded by negative influence nowadays in the media, in politics, and in pop culture. Riding, handling, and looking after a horse can help to counter these negativities, ensuring positive character traits such as self-discipline, patience, accountability, empathy, and kindness. A recent study looked at children who interact with horses and it found that there was positive link between horse riding skills and life skills.

Can Help with Leadership Skills

Nowadays, employers and colleges are on the lookout for youngsters with leadership skills. However, they also want youngsters to the have the ability to work as a team. Working with horses is something that helps with both of these things. Every single time that you work with a horse you will need to take a leadership role. Children will also learn to treat their horse as a friend, rather than treating it as a servant that is there to carry out their every whim.